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St. Louis Cardinals offseason 2013

A look at the St. Louis Cardinals' 2013 offseason, with news, rumors, and analysis.

Which poet will be visiting Springfield, Illinois?

The 2013 Cardinals Caravan will leave St. Louis and venture as far as Tennessee. Are they coming to your town?

Kyle Lohse is still on the bench

Kyle Lohse is still a free agent, just in case you haven't thought about him since the St. Louis Cardinals gave him an obligatory qualifying offer.

Royals sign Miguel Tejada in 2013

You will be surprised to learn someone signed Miguel Tejada; you will not be surprised to learn who signed Miguel Tejada.

Kyle Lohse will sign somewhere, probably

Edwin Jackson apparently won't get four years in free agency. That should portend bad things for St. Louis Cardinals free agent Kyle Lohse.

Why Hiro Nakajima isn't Tsuyoshi Nishioka

The Oakland Athletics signed Hiroyuki Nakajima to a contract that suggests other teams are worried about signing the next Tsuyoshi Nishioka. Here's why they shouldn't be so afraid.

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Kyle Lohse: Officially on the market

The St. Louis Cardinals' unlikely ace, Kyle Lohse, declined his qualifying offer, as expected, becoming a free agent.

Are the Cards really happy with their infield?

The St. Louis Cardinals missed out on two of the remaining middle infield options on Monday. Are they really satisfied with their middle infield, as Hot Stove rumors dry up?

Hiroyuki Nakajima: Better than Ty Wigginton

For two-thirds the price of Stephen Drew, the Oakland Athletics signed Hiroyuki Nakajima for two years.

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Cards coaches shuffled as Matheny settles in

The St. Louis Cardinals' hitting coach goes from 583 career home runs to 96 as John Mabry takes over for the departing Mark McGwire.

Gast, Swagerty among Top 20 Cards prospects

Future Redbirds is releasing its 2013 Top 20 St. Louis Cardinals prospect list, and the first set includes a soft-tossing righty and the organization's best pick-off move.

Cards ask about trading for... BudChuck.

For some reason, the St. Louis Cardinals asked about trading for Houston Astros pseudo-ace Bud Norris.

A Ty Wigginton confusion FAQ

Some frequently asked questions for which the only answer is, "I have no idea why the St. Louis Cardinals signed Ty Wigginton."

How is Ty Wigginton different from Troy Glaus?

Troy Glaus is mounting a comeback in 2013 but seeing little interest, making the St. Louis Cardinals' decision to sign Ty Wigginton even stranger-looking.

Alex Reyes took odd path to $950,000 signing

The St. Louis Cardinals signed Alex Reyes out of the Dominican Republic, but it was not a conventional Latin American signing.

Ty Wigginton hits lefties, and that's all.

The St. Louis Cardinals signed Ty Wigginton, and unless it's the precursor to a trade he's an awkward fit on their bench.

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The Cards replace Skip with... Ty Wigginton?

The St. Louis Cardinals signed erstwhile utility-man Ty Wigginton to be their right-handed bench bat, which makes no sense at all.

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Alex Reyes is Cards' unusual international signing

The Cardinals international signee took an odd path to his professional career.

Cards sign Ty Wigginton for some reason

The St. Louis Cardinals signed erstwhile utility-man Ty Wigginton to be their right-handed bench bat, which makes no sense at all.

Wainwright extension could happen in spring

Adam Wainwright and the St. Louis Cardinals plan on discussing a contract extension during spring training.

In trade, Cards add depth for a post-Wong infield

In trading Skip Schumaker for Jake Lemmorman, the St. Louis Cardinals rearranged their second baseman around top prospect Kolten Wong.

Josh Hamilton deal creates Peter Bourjos questions

The Los Angeles Angels signed Josh Hamilton to a five-year, $125 million contract, which means hot stove leaguers will now be able to mock up Peter Bourjos trades with impunity.

Scott Hairston still in Cardinals' sights

Scott Hairston is still rumored to be a St. Louis Cardinals target, but will they go multiple years on a bench bat?

Lemmerman described in Kozma-esque terms

The St. Louis Cardinals' prospect-watcher-in-chief compares Jake Lemmerman to Pete Kozma, which is no longer the insult it was this time last year.

Where will the Dodgers put Skip Schumaker?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are trying to sign every free agent baseball player on earth, but they might still have room for new acquisition Skip Schumaker.

Where will Jake Lemmerman play?

The St. Louis Cardinals added Jake Lemmerman in trade for Skip Schumaker on Tuesday, but he might find playing time hard to come by--even in the minor leagues.

So who's Jake Lemmerman?

Jake Lemmerman is the almost-newest St. Louis Cardinal, pending the completion of the Los Angeles Dodgers' trade for Skip Schumaker.

Skip Schumaker's exit clarifies Cards' infield

The St. Louis Cardinals traded Skip Schumaker to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday, ending weeks of speculation.

Skip is now the Dodgers' question to ask

The St. Louis Cardinals' bizarre IF-OF hybrid is now the Dodgers' to deal with. What does that mean?

Can the Cardinals support a starting infielder?

The St. Louis Cardinals are uniquely positioned to offer a shortstop a starting job, so long as it's not entirely at shortstop.

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Skip Schumaker traded to Dodgers

The St. Louis Cardinals traded Skip Schumaker to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Jake Lemmerman Tuesday, pending the results of a physical.

How much will Waino's extension cost?

The St. Louis Cardinals' ace is a free agent after the 2012 season. How much will he cost?

Are Kyle Lohse rumors hung up on a 4th year?

The Boston Red Sox are among teams that have been connected to Kyle Lohse, but contract length might be an issue.