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Stephen Drew rumors: Hold it—he could be back with Oakland Athletics after all

Stephen Drew would be a nice fit with the St. Louis Cardinals, but he could be back with the Oakland Athletics after all after they declined his 2013 option.

He really does look like J.D.
He really does look like J.D.
Ezra Shaw

When the Oakland Athletics declined Stephen Drew's 2013 option the shortstop rapidly became a popular target among St. Louis Cardinals Hot Stove League veterans. J.D.'s brother would make a very nice second baseman (and Rafael Furcal insurance policy), but he's not a free agent until Saturday—and in the meantime, the Athletics are reportedly interested in signing him to a new deal.

The A's bought low on Drew at midseason, trading for him after he'd hit just .193/.290/.311 in his first 40 games following an ugly ankle injury, and it paid off; he wasn't his old self, exactly, but in 39 games with Oakland the 29-year-old hit .250/.326/.382, nearly league-average in their cavernous home park.

The A's owe Drew $1.35 million after buying out his $10 million option. On the open market the 30-year-old could command two or three years, but he's a low-AAV risk in a market that's pretty light on middle infielders with upside.