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Matt Carpenter gets an NL Rookie of the Year vote (from Bryan Burwell)

The National League Rookie of the Year voting results have one St. Louis Cardinal appearance, courtesy Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell.


I don't think it would be telling any tales out of school to say that I disagree with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Bryan Burwell considerably more often than I agree with him. I don't think it would come as a shock, either, if I told you that I don't think Matt Carpenter, the St. Louis Cardinals' official, indispensable understudy, was among the top three rookies in the National League this year. But having learned that he gave Matt Carpenter his only vote in the BBWAA's National League Rookie of the Year balloting—you can see the full voting results, for the first time, at their website—I don't feel compelled to argue much.

This is the ultimate give-a-guy-his-due vote; Burwell got the top of the ballot right, voting Bryce Harper and then Wade Miley, and nobody else was or deserved to be especially close, although few people appear to have given Norichika Aoki the credit he deserved. Carpenter had a great season, and Harper and Miley deserved it in that order; that's fine.

And given some of the other ballots you can see at the BBWAA's website, you'd have to write screeds about at least half the voters before you got to Burwell. Three voters preferred Todd Frazier, who had a slightly longer Matt Carpenter year, to Harper or Miley, which is almost impossible to defend. One voter picked Wilin Rosario over both of them.

The first year of full BBWAA transparency—which I think was an excellent move, overall—has produced a few outrages already, and it'll produce more when Miguel Cabrera beats Mike Trout for the AL MVP. But it's hard to get worked up over one third-place vote for Matt Carpenter in a year when third place didn't really figure.