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MLB free agents 2013: Anibal Sanchez contract rumors suggest Kyle Lohse might be a bargain

Kyle Lohse has been an offseason punching bag, but Anibal Sanchez's recent contract demands suggest he might not be as overpriced as we thought.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Lohse's early experience in the 2013 MLB free agency season hasn't been positive, at least when it comes to punditry—he's mostly been used as a punching bag in relation to players who are ostensibly better bargains than a thirtysomething finesse pitcher coming off a career year and looking for a multiyear deal. Which is reasonable, except that as rumors start coming in about what those ostensible bargains are asking for in free agency the rumored $50 million bounty for Lohse is starting to look affordable. Most recently: Anibal Sanchez is asking for $90 million, according to this report from Jon Paul Morosi.

Baseball's probable bull market, after a few years of increasingly lucrative local cable deals, means he might get that—but it also means that Kyle Lohse might be more valuable than we anticipated when his next deal looked like such a landmine. I still don't think the Cardinals have any reason to bring him back—so long and thanks for the draft pick—but a team that doesn't want to offer six years and $90 million to a younger pitcher who nevertheless missed most of three seasons with arm problems, way back when, might not do badly to give him a ring.

Unfortunately, this largesse has not yet extended to baseball bloggers. But when it does, I plan on accepting the first $13.3 million qualifying offer I get.