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Troy Glaus attempts a comeback, would probably fit St. Louis Cardinals better than Ty Wigginton

Troy Glaus is mounting a comeback in 2013 but seeing little interest, making the St. Louis Cardinals' decision to sign Ty Wigginton even stranger-looking.

Kevin C. Cox

Troy Glaus, the St. Louis Cardinals' half of the Scott Rolen challenge trade, is attempting to mount a comeback after two years off from baseball, according to this note about his unsuccessful attempt to become Alex Rodriguez's caddy with the New York Yankees. Glaus was excellent for the Cardinals in 2008, hitting .270/.372/.483 with 27 home runs in 151 games at third base, but he missed almost all of the 2009 season and spent 2010 as the Braves' first baseman, starting strong before a late-season slump. Is he a better bet than Ty Wigginton? Probably not. Is he $4 million worse than Ty Wigginton? Almost certainly not.

Which might say more about the confusing Ty Wigginton deal than it does Troy Glaus's chances of latching on with a major league team. But Glaus, somehow only a year older than Wigginton, was outstanding once--a four-time all-star with 35 career rWAR. In 2010, so hurt he couldn't make the throw from third base, his hitting numbers were basically indistinguishable from Wigginton's.

I trust John Mozeliak, which is why all this is so strange. When it comes to the difference between Ty Wigginton and Troy Glaus--between Ty Wigginton and any other below-average right-handed hitter who can't play defense--what does he know that we don't?