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Ozzie Smith sells Gold Gloves, presumably because he could always get more

Ozzie Smith sold his Gold Gloves at auction, netting more than half a million dollars.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

If I won a Gold Glove, I probably wouldn't part with it any time soon, so I was initially a little surprised to learn that Ozzie Smith had just sold the 13 he'd won with the San Diego Padres and the St. Louis Cardinals at auction, even if half-a-million dollars is a fair amount of money. But I think I've got it figured out, having had a few hours to process it: Ozzie Smith won 13 of them; how hard could another one be, if he really wanted it?

You wouldn't see Ryan Theriot selling a Gold Glove he won, or Rafael Palmeiro hocking the only Gold Glove ever won at DH, because they wouldn't be able to make that lightning strike again. But if Ozzie Smith ever decides he really needs a Gold Glove—to hold his remote control, maybe, or as a really humblebraggy candy dish on Halloween—it would probably just be a matter of calling the Cardinals and telling them that they don't really need to rely on Pete Kozma, after all.

Of course, if he's really looking into selling all his baseball memorabilia, I could probably put him in touch with another buyer; I believe Kolten Wong would be very interested in buying the right to be The Official Backflip Guy of the Cardinals' infield, effective 1/1/2013.