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St. Louis Cardinals rumors: Who could Cards trade for Asdrubal Cabrera?

Which pitching prospect would fit into a deal for Asdrubal Cabrera?


The St. Louis Cardinals have a lot of pitching prospects and not a lot of shortstops, and trade rumors have blossomed on much thinner soil than that. In this case, the shortstop is the Cleveland Indians' hard-hitting, defensively suspect Asdrubal Cabrera, and the pitching prospect is—well, who, exactly?

Future Redbirds has an idea—that's Jeff Roman comparing hard-throwing right-hander Tyrell Jenkins, the rawest of the Cardinals' top pitching prospects, to the Washington Nationals' recent trade of Alex Meyer for the Minnesota Twins' Denard Span. Meyer is a more polished prospect than Jenkins, but he has his own set of weaknesses—and it was promising, for the Cardinals, to see Span go straight up for another player.

Jenkins probably isn't enough to snare a guy like Asdrubal Cabrera by himself; the Twins' later trade for Ben Revere was a little more successful in terms of grabbing prospects. But the Future Redbirds piece convinces me that he could at least be the center of a deal like that. With Shelby Miller, Carlos Martinez, Trevor Rosenthal, and even 2012 first-rounder Michael Wacha ahead of him on the depth chart, he's one of the more tradeable high-upside pitching prospects in baseball.