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St. Louis Cardinals offseason 2013

A look at the St. Louis Cardinals' 2013 offseason, with news, rumors, and analysis.

Who would they trade for Asdrubal?

Which of the Cardinals' pitching prospects would fit into a deal for Asdrubal Cabrera?

Cards exit Winter Meetings with bullpen help

The St. Louis Cardinals' time at the 2012 Winter Meetings draws to a close with one item checked off their low-impact to-do list.

Randy Choate: baseball's version of a trick play

In Randy Choate, the St. Louis Cardinals got an effective lefty specialist. But he'll probably pitch fewer innings than Adam Wainwright does by the All-Star Break.

Cards unlikely to pick in Thursday's Rule 5 draft

The St. Louis Cardinals won't pursue a player in the major league portion of the 2012 Rule 5 draft Thursday morning, because the back of their 25-man roster is already filled with homegrown prospects.

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Randy Choate is Cards' Winter Meetings pick-up

The left-handed veteran is signing with his sixth team.

Dodgers target—you guessed it—Skip Schumaker

The Los Angeles Dodgers could be interested in trading for the St. Louis Cardinals' unconventional, somewhat-maligned utility infielder-outfielder.

Rays snag Yunel Escobar

The Tampa Bay Rays trade for Yunel Escobar, the Miami Marlins' undervalued (and apparently unctuous) shortstop. Should the St. Louis Cardinals have put in a bid?

Cardinals' quiet Winter Meetings continues Tuesday

The St. Louis Cardinals haven't made any moves through two days of the Winter Meetings, but that could change Wednesday.

Diamondbacks join Asdrubal Cabrera contest field

Asdrubal Cabrera, the Cleveland Indians shortstop to whom the St. Louis Cardinals have been linked, is now in trade rumors involving the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Jaime Garcia set to pitch in 2013—for Team Mexico

The St. Louis Cardinals' injured starter is a member of Team Mexico ahead of 2013's World Baseball Classic. But will he pitch?

Winter Meetings Day 1: Cards quiet, not invisible

Scott Hairston led the parade of players to which the St. Louis Cardinals were connected on a quiet Day 1 at the Winter Meetings.

Do Cards have enough at-bats for Scott Hairston?

The St. Louis Cardinals could be interested in signing Scott Hairston, according to reports out of the Winter Meetings.

Ozzie Smith sells his Gold Gloves.

Ozzie Smith sold his Gold Gloves at auction, netting more than half a million dollars.

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Sean Burnett: A very expensive bullpen addition

The Cardinals are reportedly interested in the 30-year old reliever that appeared in 70 games in 2012, finishing with a 2.38 ERA.

Tom Gorzelanny could cure Cards' LOOGY fever

The St. Louis Cardinals have been looking for a second left-handed reliever, and Tom Gorzelanny, recently nontendered by the Washington Nationals, makes a lot of sense.

Why would the Cardinals pay for Sean Burnett?

The St. Louis Cardinals might need another relief pitcher, but do they really need Sean Burnett?

Tommy Hanson a kind-of-cautionary tale for Cards

The Atlanta Braves sold low on a player who was once among the top pitching prospects in baseball in this week's most interesting MLB trade.

B.J. Upton shows just how valuable Jon Jay is

B.J. Upton signs a big deal with the Atlanta Braves, and the St. Louis Cardinals sigh with relief at Jon Jay's later start.

Kyle Lohse, Dodgers connected in inevitable rumors

In the least surprising news of the 2013 MLB offseason, word has gotten out that the Los Angeles Dodgers are interested in Kyle Lohse.

Jeff Keppinger's a valued commodity—which is scary

Three teams are all bidding for... Jeff Keppinger. The St. Louis Cardinals could find infield depth at a premium this offseason.

Hector Luna joins Cards refugees in Japan

Hector Luna, who bought the St. Louis Cardinals Ronnie Belliard back in 2006, resurfaces with the Chunichi Dragons.

Kyle Lohse and the Sox a match made in not-heaven

The Boston Red Sox have supposedly called Kyle Lohse, but it would be a bad move for both parties to bring him into Fenway Park.

Figgins: Official FA of people frozen in carbonite

The Seattle Mariners released Chone Figgins on Tuesday. They'll be paying him $8 million, but he's unlikely to get more than an NRI from anybody else.

This week, Kyle Lohse has Jeremy Guthrie to thank

Jeremy Guthrie signed a three-year, $25 million deal with the Kansas City Royals this week, which means Kyle Lohse is about to be an even wealthier man.

Marlins-Blue Jays trade explains Pujols talks

This is why the St. Louis Cardinals can be the St. Louis Cardinals after letting Albert Pujols go, and why the Miami Marlins couldn't be the St. Louis Cardinals if they signed Pujols, Stan Musial, and Ozzie Smith all at once.

Matt Carpenter gets a Rookie of the Year vote

The National League Rookie of the Year voting results have one St. Louis Cardinal appearance, courtesy Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell.

Asdrubal Cabrera talks quiet (temporarily?)

Asdrubal Cabrera trade rumors are at a low ebb, but the St. Louis Cardinals' biggest need remains in the middle infield.

Where does Kyle Lohse go from here?

Kyle Lohse turned down the St. Louis Cardinals' qualifying offer, as expected, ending a decidedly unexpected two-year term as their ace. What's he due in free agency?

Hiroyuki Nakajima pursued... by A's, of course

Hiroyuki Nakajima is one of the best free-agent shortstops available in 2013. Unfortunately, he's from the Japanese leagues, so the Cardinals haven't pursued him.

Qualifying offers unanimously shot down in Round 1

In its first year as MLB offseason policy, every would-be free agent rejected his old team's qualifying offer. Why'd that happen?

Okay, maybe Lohse isn't such a bad deal after all

Kyle Lohse has been an offseason punching bag, but Anibal Sanchez's recent contract demands suggest he might not be as overpriced as we thought.

How's Asdrubal Cabrera's D? Depends on the WAR

Is Asdrubal Cabrera an all-star shortstop or a future third baseman? Well, do you read Baseball Reference or FanGraphs?