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Fantasy Football 2012

Danny Amendola: Not Not-Healthy!

Danny Amendola is out of the injury report business, and Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams showed no patience in going back to him. Which is good news, if you're in the business of still caring about fantasy football.

Givens owners could benefit from Amendola's return

The St. Louis Rams will probably be getting Danny Amendola back on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, but that shouldn't dent Chris Givens's fantasy football stock. If anything, it should boost it.

Against Vikings, is Amendola a focus or a decoy?

Will the St. Louis Rams pass to their newly "probable" No. 1 wide receiver, or is he a decoy designed to free Chris Givens? It could be a little of both.

Steven Jackson vs. a bad Bills run D is good news

The St. Louis Rams were finally able to label Steven Jackson probable on Friday, instead of questionable. It should mean another big role for him on offense in Week 14.

Can the Bills stop C.J. Spiller? (Please?)

The Buffalo Bills have one of the most dangerous running backs in the NFL—so how come they refuse to give him a starter's workload?

Amendola injury won't dictate Rams offense Sunday

Danny Amendola might play Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, but the Rams offense finally won't depend on it.

Chris Givens's role depends on Amendola's health

Chris Givens has been the St. Louis Rams' most dependable receiver—and a great fantasy football option—for two weeks running, but things won't be clear until we know if Danny Amendola is healthy.

Is Givens a fantasy gamble with Amendola doubtful?

The St. Louis Rams (and fantasy football owners in points-per-reception leagues) will only get a limited Danny Amendola on Sunday. Chris Givens is the short-term answer for both groups.

Can Chris Givens take control of Rams offense?

The St. Louis Rams are unlikely to get much from Danny Amendola again on Sunday vs. the San Francisco 49ers, which could mean another boost from Chris Givens.

Danny Amendola, doubtful, a game-time decision

Danny Amendola is doubtful for the second week in a row, which makes the St. Louis Rams' wide receiver—well, a little less doubtful.

Can Amendola be both Doubtful AND Questionable?

The St. Louis Rams' injury report will tell us whether Danny Amendola is questionable or doubtful against the San Francisco 49ers, but it won't answer the remaining questions about his viability.

Is Danny Amendola still worth the fantasy risk?

Does Danny Amendola still have any fantasy football upside after dealing with what look like lingering foot problems?

Steven Jackson Near Middle Of Fantasy Football Running Back Pack In Week 1

Fantasy football rankings have Steven Jackson as a mid-range running back option in 2012's Week 1 contest between the St. Louis Rams and the Detroit Lions.

Danny Amendola: Fantasy Football Sleeper Status Awaits If St. Louis Rams Trail Sunday

Danny Amendola a fantasy football sleeper? Unfortunately, this becomes truer the farther back the St. Louis Rams are against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Steven Jackson's Fantasy Football Stock Shouldn't Crater Just Yet

Steven Jackson isn't fantasy football royalty anymore, but 2012 is too early to be calling for him to collapse.

Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: Sam Bradford Set To Hurt Trusting Rams Fans Again

St. Louis Rams fans looking to make a homer pick at backup QB are going to get burned again if they have Sam Bradford on their fantasy football rankings.

Greg Zuerlein Might Be Your Default St. Louis Rams Fantasy Homer Pick

If you need to take a member of the St. Louis Rams in your fantasy draft, help yourself to rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein.

Jamaal Charles's Fantasy Football Rankings Could Hinge On Rams Vs. Chiefs Performance

The Kansas City Chiefs' Jamaal Charles could go up or down on fantasy football rankings depending on his performance Saturday against the St. Louis Rams.

Fantasy Football Rankings: 2012 Is The End Of Sam Bradford's Keeper Rope

The St. Louis Rams and fantasy football owners will both have to deal with Sam Bradford's season on the brink of quarterback-of-the-present status.

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2012: Lance Kendricks Could Be Sam Bradford's Favorite Target

The St. Louis Rams don't have a lot to offer fans on the prowl for fantasy football sleepers, except for Lance Kendricks again.

This stream has:

Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: The St. Louis Rams Have Little To Offer Fantasy-Playing Fans

The fantasy football rankings are unkind to St. Louis Rams fans who'd like to make a homer pick that isn't Steven Jackson.

Fantasy Football Rankings: Brian Quick Gets Reality Checked... On A St. Louis Rams Blog

The St. Louis Rams' fantasy football rankings are now being denigrated by Rams-fan bloggers. Life is hard.

Fantasy Football Draft 2012: Sam Bradford Will Bounce Back, But How High?

A look at the St. Louis Rams' fantasy football options for the 2012 NFL season.