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Jaime Garcia injury

Jaime Garcia Injury: Garcia Nears Return, But The Cardinals Can Afford Patience

Joe Kelly could keep the Cardinals from throwing Jaime Garcia back into the fray too soon.

This stream has:

Jaime Garcia Injury: Shoulder Problem Sidelines St. Louis Cardinals Starter For A Month

The St. Louis Cardinals' Jaime Garcia injury worries continue; the left-hander struggles in his first start since being sidelined by elbow soreness.

Jaime Garcia Ready To Start For St. Louis Cardinals Tuesday

The St. Louis Cardinals seem unworried that the Jaime Garcia injury that ate up last week's off-day is anything more than some minor elbow soreness.

Jaime Garcia Injury: Elbow Soreness Sidelines St. Louis Cardinals Starter

A Jaime Garcia injury is the last thing the St. Louis Cardinals need. Luckily this looks to be a minor case of elbow discomfort.