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Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey is the internet's finest Lego-based St. Louis Cardinals soap opera.

Late Night With Wainwright, with Torty Craig!

Our favorite pitcher/talk show host sits down with our favorite talking tortoise.

Matt Holliday goes to market.

He can't do anything right.

Chris Carpenter explains his pre-game routine.

Chris Carpenter talks with Fox Sports Midwest about how he prepares for big games.

Dugout Abbey Checks In Before Game One

And Pete Kozma explains his performance this year.

Lance Berkman sits down with Carp, Torty & Waino.

Lets start NLDS Elimination Day with a visit to Berkman In The Morn'an!

The Ghost of Dugout Abbey

Freese, Yadi, and Waino get together to talk postseason, only to be interrupted by... A GHOST?!?

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey

Chris Carpenter sits down for an exclusive one on one, tonight on LATE NIGHT WITH WAINWRIGHT!

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey Vignette -- The Pale Horse

Death is coming... And the Post-Dispatch is coming with him.

Vote for Carlos

On the latest Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey, Carlos Beltran throws his cap into the ring for the presidency.

The No Matts Club

Most of the Lego Cardinals have a lot in common. Most... Not all.

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey -- The Cardinals Television Network

The Yankees and Red Sox have their own TV networks... Why shouldn't the Cardinals? Besides the felonies?

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey -- Letters From All-Star Camp

Do players write each other letters while they are away for the All-Star Game? We assume so.

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey -- The Stars & Stripes Challenge

America is down, but not out. All we truly need to be number one again is for an American hero to bodyslam an obese Japanese man.

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey -- Trading Blocks

The Cardinals need pitching help. Can Trader Mo make a deal go down?

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey -- Live at Lego Shannon's

Mike Shannon and John Rooney get together to enjoy an icy cold Budweiser or eight. Unfortunately, a certain Hungarian someone just happens to join them.

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey -- The Super Disabled List (3)

You might think you know what happens when a player is put on the disabled list. And you're probably right. But what about when they're put on the Super Disabled List?

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey -- The WAR for Late Night

There's a war in the Cardinals locker room. And, strangely, it involves talk shows.

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey: Emergency Landing

What happens when the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals land at the Nantucket airport in 1996? Something stupid, probably. ON A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE OF WINGS!!

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey: Albert Pujols And Dee Dee Check In

On a very special episode of Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey, Albert Pujols contemplates what Lance Berkman's injury may mean to his own life. And someone may end up drinking from a toilet.

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey: Fox Sports Midwest Sits Down With Sign Guy

Our local reporter catches up with one of Cardinal Nation's most notorious fans.

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey: Trouble in Gotham City

David Freese is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So they'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not their hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey: McGwire's Time To Shine

After watching John Mozeliak usurp control of the Cardinals franchise, Mark McGwire has his revenge. By being taller than Mozeliak.

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey: John Mozeliak's Reign of Terror

Today in Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey: Without Tony La Russa, John Mozeliak's reign of terror over the Cardinals franchise is unchecked. Can anyone stop him?

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey: Matt Holliday Learns The Horrifying Truth

Today in Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey, John Mozeliak's master plan unravels, much to Matt Holliday's surprise.