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NFL Picks

Week 7 NFL Predictions And Picks: St. Louis Rams Have Long Odds Vs. Dallas Cowboys

Week 7 NFL Picks: The NFC West continues to suffer, with the St. Louis Rams in for the brunt of the negativity in this week's predictions.

Week 6 NFL Picks: Green Bay Packers Stand Between St. Louis Rams And First Win

Week 6 NFL Picks for the truncated NFC West Sunday. For a full set of NFL Picks, check out SB Nation's football hub.

NFL Picks Week 3: Futile Prog-Rock Concept Album Explication Edition

A while ago SB Nation suggested I start doing an NFL picks column. The result will displease St. Louis Rams fans and Rush fans in equal measure!

NFL Picks Week 2: St. Louis Rams Back To The Workshop Edition

A first draft of Week 2's NFL Picks column goes through the SB Nation St. Louis Writer's Workshop before delivering picks on the St. Louis Rams, the San Francisco 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Arizona Cardinals.