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NFL Trade Deadline 2012

The 2012 NFL Trade Deadline is October 30—will the St. Louis Rams make a move?

NFL Trade Deadline ends, as usual, with anticlimax

The 2012 NFL Trade Deadline is over and gone. It passed a lot like every other NFL Trade Deadline.

NFL Trade Deadline hits this afternoon; few care

It's easy to forget when the NFL Trade Deadline is, because nothing ever seems to happen on it. 2012's delayed deadline looks to be no exception.

Does Dallas have salary room for Rams' Jackson?

If the Dallas Cowboys want to add St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson, they'll need to find a way to fit him on their roster despite having little room under the salary cap.

Why is the NFL Trade Deadline so boring?

Why is the NFL Trade Deadline so boring every year? And why was 2012 no exception?

Are the Rams bluffing about Jackson?

The St. Louis Rams have said they won't trade Steven Jackson, which has done little to squash one of the NFL Trade Deadline's few interesting rumors.

The NFL Trade Deadline prepares to bore

Hurricane Sandy delayed the NFL Trade Deadline until Thursday, but nobody's likely to do much with the extra two days.

Steven Jackson not on the market, per Jeff Fisher

The St. Louis Rams and Jeff Fisher denied any ongoing Steven Jackson trade talks. Of course, that's exactly what they would say!

Nobody wants veteran running backs at the deadline

Sorry, Steven Jackson, but there's a reason the NFL Trade Deadline is filled to the brim with running backs: They just aren't as valuable as they used to be.

Richardson a fantasy bet on Rams trading Jackson

Fantasy football players will be holding onto Daryl Richardson until Thursday as trade rumors swirl around Steven Jackson.

Steven Jackson rumors back as his role diminishes

Steven Jackson trade rumors flared up just ahead of the Thursday deadline after he took fewer than half of the St. Louis Rams' carries in Sunday's loss.

The NFL Trade Deadline waits for Hurricane Sandy

The St. Louis Rams will have two more days to decide whether it's time to deal Steven Jackson after Hurricane Sandy delays the trade deadline.

Rams listening to trade calls for Steven Jackson

The St. Louis Rams are reportedly taking trade calls for running back Steven Jackson.

SJ39, Patriot: The rumor that must not be named

Steven Jackson as a Patriot is officially where I get off the trade rumor train.

Danny Amendola's return interrupts the trade talk

Danny Amendola's early return from his collarbone injury could mean their NFL Trade Deadline plans have changed. Put all Dwayne Bowe rumors on a 24-hour moratorium.

Wide receivers are available, but will Rams bite?

Will the St. Louis Rams make a move on a wide receiver at the NFL Trade Deadline?

Is it even worth trading Steven Jackson now?

The St. Louis Rams and Steven Jackson appear to be on the outs. But is it even worth trading him at this point?

This stream has:

Contract, rookies stir Steven Jackson trade rumors

Steven Jackson will be a free agent after the season, but some think he'll be out of St. Louis even sooner.

This stream has:

Rams buyers and sellers as trade rumors swirl

The St. Louis Rams, midway through a rebuild they don't want to call a rebuild, make sense as buyers and sellers as the NFL Trade Deadline looms.