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NFL Trade Deadline: Wide receivers abound, but will the St. Louis Rams buy in?

With Danny Amendola injured the St. Louis Rams lack a go-to wide receiver. Will they make a move ahead of the trade deadline?

Without Danny Amendola, the Rams' wide receiving corps lacks a No. 1 option.
Without Danny Amendola, the Rams' wide receiving corps lacks a No. 1 option.

The St. Louis Rams have bigger holes to fill than the ones at wide receiver, if we're being honest, but ahead of the NFL Trade Deadline—it's October 30 this year, which is new—you rarely hear a lot about mercurial offensive linemen demanding trades or disappointed teams looking to dump a big o-line contract. So among the skill positions, at least, the prima donna positions, the Rams' immediate move is to upgrade a wide receiving corps that was week even before Danny Amendola nearly broke his collarbone. The prima donnas are available—Dwayne Bowe wants out of Kansas City, and Greg Jennings has a minor case of Wally Pipp's disease in Green Bay. But will the Rams make a move?

The impetus is going to be Steven Jackson, one way or the other. It's hard to imagine the Rams, who spent this past offseason explicitly building a pile of draft picks, trading out of that stack for a veteran. But if they're shopping Jackson—probably for draft picks, but possibly as part of a package for a player—that calculus shifts.

The Rams made a rent-a-receiver move last year, acquiring Brandon Lloyd as part of his contractual obligation to be near Josh McDaniels, and as disastrous as the end of the 2011 season was Lloyd was hardly the problem. The new braintrust, Les Snead and Jeff Fisher, had nothing to do with that move, but in a past life Snead was behind the Falcons' enormously risky trade for Julio Jones and their 2009 acquisition of Tony Gonzalez.