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Steven Jackson trade rumors quashed by Jeff Fisher (if you believe him)

The St. Louis Rams and Jeff Fisher denied any ongoing Steven Jackson trade talks. Of course, that's exactly what they would say!

Jamie McDonald

The NFL Trade Deadline was moved to Thursday thanks to Former-Hurricane Sandy, but St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher used Tuesday, the old deadline, to quash the Steven Jackson trade rumors that have been flourishing since Daryl Richardson moved into a time-share arrangement with the Rams' 29-year-old all-time leading rusher. Jeff Fisher told reporters Tuesday that the Rams weren't "calling around" or "getting calls" about him, which is one of those denials that doesn't deny that they tried it.

Which is how most of the local press has taken it. Here's Bernie Miklasz:

The Rams, not set to compete this year and, after voiding the rest of his contract, unconnected to Steven Jackson for 2013 and beyond, would have been foolish not to put him on the market if he's no longer their full-time starter. Rumors suggested they'd be lucky to get a fourth-round pick in return for him, thanks in part to a glut of running backs on the market.

This could still be gamesmanship—Jeff Fisher refuses to tell reporters whether players are available to play, so why would he be any different about whether they're available in trade? But if he's serious, the Rams were either not ready to trade a franchise legend for a mid-round pick or unable to get one.