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Danny Amendola injury report won't answer lingering questions about his foot

The St. Louis Rams' injury report will tell us whether Danny Amendola is questionable or doubtful against the San Francisco 49ers, but it won't answer the remaining questions about his viability.

Christian Petersen

I look as forward to Friday's St. Louis Rams injury report as the next bored sportswriter, but its impact on the Danny Amendola injury front gets markedly less pronounced the week after Amendola plays following a "doubtful" call. In fact, short of labeling him capital-O Out there's little the injury report can do to tell us more about the most confounding injury the Rams have dealt with all year.

Here's what we know: Last week Danny Amendola didn't practice at all, wore a walking boot, was called doubtfulFriday, and then played (in a very limited way) on Sunday. He followed that up this week by not practicing at all and wearing a walking boot. All he's proved now is that it might be a bad idea to depend on him for your fantasy football team.

The return to the walking boot seems, to me, to mean one of two things: Either this is the new status quo, and he'll be limited again on Sunday, or last week's successful but brief cameo appearance was proof, either to Amendola or Jeff Fisher, that he wasn't yet ready to return, and he actually will be held out on Sunday. But knowing Fisher, we probably won't know which of those stories is most accurate until gametime.