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Rams vs. 49ers: Chris Givens will benefit from Danny Amendola injury again

The St. Louis Rams are unlikely to get much from Danny Amendola again on Sunday vs. the San Francisco 49ers, which could mean another boost from Chris Givens.

Christian Petersen

Whatever the game-time decision we're all waiting for brings Sunday afternoon, this could be a big day for St. Louis Rams rookie receiver Chris Givens. Even another miraculous comeback from doubtful means the Rams will likely be without Danny Amendola for most of their Week 13 game against the San Francisco 49ers, and Givens's huge game against the Arizona Cardinals in an identical situation last Sunday will be on everyone's mind.

Of course, as great as Givens was last week, it didn't come because of a massive increase in opportunities. He was actually targeted once fewer in Arizona than he was the week earlier against the New York Jets. What Amendola's absence does do for Givens is solidify his role as a genuine starter in an offense that's struggled to find a third receiver behind Amendola and Brandon Gibson, and increase the amount of snaps he'll have to try to get free and do the 21-yards-per-reception damage he's done through the season's first 12 weeks.

It also creates an opportunity. In the vacuum a limited Amendola creates, the Rams' passing game is up for grabs. And while Gibson has ably filled in at No. 1 already, it's obvious who the Rams hope will take control.