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Rams vs. 49ers score update: Janoris Jenkins scores again on botched pitch to create another unlikely tie

Janoris Jenkins strikes again for the St. Louis Rams.

Christian Petersen

The St. Louis Rams got a touchdown from rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins for the third time in two games on Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers, pinned against their own end zone again, botched a pitch to Ted Ginn and he recovered it behind the line of scrimmage. Jenkins rolled into the end zone for the touchdown. A two-point conversion tied the score at 10-10 with just minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

The Rams' points so far have come entirely courtesy the defense—they picked up a safety earlier, when Kaepernick failed, to the referees' satisfaction, to get an incomplete pass past the line of scrimmage from the end zone. This time Kaepernick lofted a pitch to Ginn at an awkward angle, and Jenkins, charging in for the tackle, got something more when the ball came loose; as Ginn fell over Jenkins somehow managed to slip underneath him, avoiding contact and tripping in for the score.

The two-point conversion that followed was marred by a questionable false start call, but Sam Bradford found Lance Kendricks open over the middle and found him for the 2PC. That Week 10 tie suddenly looks mighty familiar, but we'll keep updating things here at SB Nation St. Louis.