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Chris Givens dominates the St. Louis Rams' passing game again; is he for real?

The St. Louis Rams have found their Danny Amendola replacement, if the last two weeks are any indication.

David Welker

Chris Givens might not be catching one 50-yard pass a game, like he used to, but over the last two weeks he's emerged as the St. Louis Rams' unquestionable No. 1 wide receiver, and the transformation has been remarkably sudden. When Danny Amendola was out with a collarbone injury earlier in the year, Brandon Gibson stepped in; now that Amendola is out with a foot injury Givens has caught 16 passes for 207 yards and a touchdown, and Gibson hasn't been targeted a single time.

It's a huge return on investment already for a fifth-round pick on a team starved for wide receivers, and it's clear that he and Sam Bradford are developing a rapport—his 14 targets on Sunday were twice as many as he's received all season.

Danny Amendola might be back before the end of the season, but if Givens continues to play this well that will only mean that the Rams suddenly have two impressive wide receivers for Bradford to rely on. While Brian Quick struggles, and after missing on Mardy Gilyard, Greg Salas, and Austin Pettis, it's nice to see one of the Rams' investments pay off.