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St. Louis Rams' final score isn't impressive Sunday—but beating the San Francisco 49ers is

The St. Louis Rams didn't dominate the San Francisco 49ers by any means—but beating one of the best teams in the NFC is reason to celebrate no matter how you do it.


The St. Louis Rams' final score vs. the San Francisco 49ers—16-13—is one of those awkward football numbers that suggests awkward football happened, and anyone who watched their tie-game rematch in its entirety would be hard-pressed to deny that snap judgment. The Rams' first 10 points came because the defense forced Colin Kaepernick into weird mistakes, first pushing him so far back into the end zone he couldn't throw the ball away over the line of scrimmage and then taking advantage of a botched pitch to score yet another defensive touchdown.

And they won, of course, because Greg Zuerlein regained his ability to make 50-yard field goals look somewhat easier than 30-yard field goals, while Dave Akers didn't.

But however they did it, this is not the week for hushed introspection about the 2012 and 2013 St. Louis Rams. There'll be plenty of time for that after the next loss, and in the offseason, and before the draft, and basically any time two Rams fans get together between now and next August. For now, the Rams have earned a few days in which we talk about nothing but how nice it is to see them beat the best team in the NFC West, even if it took a little longer than we expected for them to finally do it.