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St. Louis Rams find Brandon Gibson for 100 yards in win vs. Bills

The St. Louis Rams went to Brandon Gibson for the first time in two weeks against the Buffalo Bills, and it paid off handsomely.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The last two weeks were a bad time to be St. Louis Rams receiver Brandon Gibson. Over the last two weeks, despite being almost entirely without No. 1 receiver Danny Amendola, the Rams had targeted their erstwhile No. 2 zero times. Not once. No catches on no attempts. Meanwhile, rookie Chris Givens had taken advantage of Amendola's absence to put together the two biggest games of his career. So Sunday, against the Buffalo Bills, nobody was expecting much. Certainly they weren't expecting Brandon Gibson to catch the ball six times on nine targets for 100 yards and a last-minute, picture-perfect game-winning touchdown.

Whatever kept Sam Bradford and Gibson from getting together over the last two Sundays wasn't on display in Buffalo, particularly in the second half; Bradford looked for him consistently, and Gibson made some big catches as a result. The Bills' focus on Chris Givens might have helped, but Gibson was the one who had to make the plays—and, scattered among an ugly drop or two, he mostly did.

What does that mean for next week? It's hard to say. Givens is clearly the Rams' priority, and if Amendola's able to return after practicing in a limited capacity last week Gibson will be bumped back to third on the depth chart. But his big game Sunday is proof, at least, that the Rams remember he exists.