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Danny Amendola injury won't hold St. Louis Rams hostage anymore vs. Bills

The St. Louis Rams' offense is stronger than it was the last time a Danny Amendola injury went down to a game-time decision.

Christian Petersen

Danny Amendola could return from injury in time to help the St. Louis Rams vs. the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, but unlike earlier this season, when his health was the most important thing going in the Rams' offense, his ability to play won't hold Sam Bradford and company hostage. Between rookie receiver Chris Givens's breakout and Steven Jackson's return to the center of the Rams, Amendola will return to find an offense considerably more balanced than the one he was knocked out of even three weeks ago.

Which is good news for everyone--even Danny Amendola. With other options for Bradford, Amendola's formidable target totals will probably drop, but they won't drop much; Brandon Gibson has taken the brunt of the hit from Givens's emergence already. And if someone else is sitting in front of Bradford with his hands out, waiting to bail him out of a broken-up play like Amendola did in 2010, the more dynamic version we've seen this year might have more chances to get open downfield.

Whatever happens, though, with Danny Amendola's injury, the St. Louis Rams will be able to deal with it. That's more than we were able to say last year, and it's an incredibly important step for a fast-improving team to take.