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Rams vs. Bills score update: Steven Jackson is all that's working as Rams trail 6-0

The St. Louis Rams trail by a score of 6-0 as their offense grinds to a halt.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams' defense held the Buffalo Bills' offense to just six points on fewer than 200 total yards. And for all that, they were still trailing by a score of 6-0 when the bell rang on an incredibly boring first half in New York. Things were so unimpressive that the half ended, fittingly, with Bills fans booing as Buffalo attempted a 40-yard field goal on third down as the time ran out.

Steven Jackson, through the first 28 minutes of the first half, was all that worked for the Rams—and even that wasn't working especially well. He's got nine carries for 35 yards, and some of the Rams' only first downs.

Sam Bradford, though—without Danny Amendola again, the Rams' pass offense struggled mightily, with the Bills anticipating St. Louis's dependence on Chris Givens. Givens—and even Brandon Gibson, who hadn't seen a target in two weeks—finally came alive after the two-minute warning, when the Rams finally got over midfield for the first time all game. But a Sam Bradford interception—nearly a pick six, before a penalty took it back—ended the run, ensuring that the Rams would be shut out, and left under 100 total yards, at the first half.