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Bills vs. Rams score update: Ryan Fitzpatrick, nearly perfect, finds the end zone to retake lead

Ryan Fitzpatrick found the end zone in the third quarter, hitting Lee Smith for a touchdown to give the Bills a 12-7 lead.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn't had a big game as the Buffalo Bills take on the St. Louis Rams Sunday, but he's had an efficient one—he's 23-for-27 for 225 yards and a touchdown, and that's exactly enough to give the Bills a 12-7 lead as time runs out on the third quarter. Tight end Lee Smith took the two-yard touchdown pass to put the Bills' first offensive points on the board, but a botched hold on the extra-point attempt left the Rams within five.

The timing was less than stellar for the Bills—they've left the Rams and big-legged kicker Greg Zuerlein in the game after St. Louis's strongest drive of the afternoon, in which they found the end zone for the first time themselves. Sam Bradford set up a Steven Jackson touchdown to make it 7-6 then; now they'll come back to the field and attempt to put a solid drive together for the second time in a row, which has been surprisingly difficult for the Rams without Danny Amendola.

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