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Rams vs. Bills final score: Sam Bradford hits Brandon Gibson in final minute as Rams win again

Sam Bradford and Brandon Gibson connected yet again as the St. Louis Rams completed a fourth-quarter comeback against the Buffalo Bills.

Rick Stewart

The St. Louis Rams have done it again, scoring a final-minute touchown against the Buffalo Bills to make the final score 15-12 Sam Bradford shook off a slow start to complete yet another fourth-quarter comeback, finding forgotten man Brandon Gibson for a touchdown to give them the win and bring them back to .500, at 6-6-1.

Gibson, who was targeted zero times over the Rams' last two weeks, caught the ball six times for 100 yards and that touchdown; he was the Rams' only receiver over 40 yards, with the Bills successfully stopping breakout rookie Chris Givens in his tracks. Sam Bradford finished 19-for-39 for 209 yards, a touchdown, and an interception, but he looked better than that—in the first half he didn't have any time, and in the second half he suffered a few late drops.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, for his part, was excellent—he was 25-for-32 for 247 yards and a touchdown. But the Bills' vaunted running game was stopped, and—most worryingly—Fred Jackson appeared to suffer a major knee injury, which could open things up for C.J. Spiller but will in the meantime throw their offense out of balance.