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Rams vs. Dolphins: Greg Zuerlein, fallible after all, misses twice in Miami

Greg Zuerlein is no longer perfect, and we as St. Louis Rams fans will somehow have to deal with that: Through three quarters he's missed twice at the Miami Dolphins, leaving him 2-4 in a sloppy Rams offensive game. Zuerlein made his first two of the afternoon, from 48 and 32, to give the Rams a 6-0 lead, but as they fell behind he was unable to make field goals of 52 and then 37 yards.

No need to throw out your Zuerlein jersey or destroy your Zuerlein idol just yet; he's still having an outstanding rookie season, and the Rams are lucky to have him. But in a game where every finisher on the Rams has been unable to get things done—he shouldn't even have four field goal attempts in a game where the Rams offense is over 300 total yards—Greg Zuerlein's been no exception.

It's fitting, at least, that the first field goal attempt he missed was from more than 50 yards out. Zuerlein and the Rams have one quarter left to make things right; stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis for updates and analysis about whether they'll manage to do it.