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Rams vs. Dolphins score update: Sam Bradford scores Rams' first rushing touchdown of 2012

Sam Bradford couldn't quite get his first passing touchdown of the game in the fourth quarter of the St. Louis Rams' Week 6 matchup vs. the Miami Dolphins; he got a one-yarder to Brian Quick that was inches away from crossing the plane of the end-zone on third down, but Jeff Fisher's challenge failed to reverse the no-touchdown call on the field. So with fourth-and-inches to deal with, Sam Bradford picked up the first rushing touchdown of the team's season—by himself. The Rams trail 17-14 in the fourth quarter after Bradford and Steven Jackson picked up the two-point conversion.

Quick had just one reception through the first five weeks of the Rams season—and while the one-yarder was his first catch of the game on Sunday, he's been more visible in the offense without Danny Amendola. The Rams' running backs have been excellent, too, with Daryl Richardson picking up 76 yards and Jackson adding 52 more. But they're still without a touchdown, and given this team's struggles in the red zone that shouldn't come as an enormous shock.

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