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Brian Quick gives St. Louis Rams a brief glimpse at The Future

The St. Louis Rams finally allowed Brian Quick to just be tall and strong in the end zone during their loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Joe Robbins

The St. Louis Rams' offense couldn't ultimately keep up with the Minnesota Vikings' on Sunday, but that didn't quite mean they were unsuccessful--they were just not the best running back on earth. Among other consolation-prize highlights: Watching Brian Quick make exactly the kind of play the Rams drafted Brian Quick for. Quick might not have the offense down yet, but he knows how to be a big guy who wins a jump-ball on a fade route. (Here's the video from

Disclaimer, of course: That four-yard touchdown catch put him on his way to finish, in a game in which Sam Bradford threw the ball 55 times, with two catches for 12 yards and a touchdown. On the season he's got, now, 11 catches for 156 yards and two touchdowns. That's not much, even compared to everyone's favorite raw small-college success story, Isaac Bruce--in his first season he caught 21 balls for 272 yards and three touchdowns, before going for nearly 1800 the next season.

So Quick has a ways to go. But on a Sunday without a lot to celebrate, the Rams finally gave him a chance to exercise the tools they saw when they selected him in the first place.