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Steven Jackson crosses 10,000 yard barrier, catches 8 passes in St. Louis Rams loss

Steven Jackson became the 27th player to cross the 10,000 rushing yard mark in the St. Louis Rams' loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. He also showed he had something left in the tank.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams lost and Steven Jackson crossed another impressive milestone, which was fitting, if nothing else. While Adrian Peterson crossed the 200-yard mark and led the Minnesota Vikings to a 36-22 win, mathematically eliminating the Rams from playoff contention, Steven Jackson became the 27th player in NFL history to rush for more than 10,000 yards, managing 13 carries for 73 before the Rams fell so far behind they had to take to the air. That performance was solid enough, but Jackson wasn't finished; he also had his second big receiving performance in recent weeks, catching eight balls on 10 targets for 73 yards more.

Jackson's 10,002 career yards put him just seven behind the next player on the list, the recently retired Ricky Williams. In the Rams' last two weeks he might also catch Ottis Anderson, at 10,273 yards, before the offseason leaves us wondering where Jackson will play in 2013.

But his performance Sunday left little doubt he'd play somewhere in 2013--and effectively enough that he could push farther up the list before he's through. Another 1,000 yard season then, wherever he has it, would push him past 11,000 yards and into the Top 20 all-time.

The retirement of Williams, LaDainian Tomlinson (No. 5, 13,684) and Thomas Jones (No. 22, 10,591) means Jackson is now the NFL's active rushing leader, a title he'll hold until he retires or Adrian Peterson catches him from bnehind. And that title is fitting, too--it's a bit of long-due recognition for a guy whose team hasn't helped him earn much.