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Chris Givens vanishes in St. Louis Rams' 55-pass loss to Minnesota Vikings

Chris Givens caught one ball on four targets for 22 yards in the St. Louis Rams' 36-22 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Unsurprising fact: I am unable to read the St. Louis Rams' collective mind. After Chris Givens's rough game against the Buffalo Bills, in which he caught just three passes on 10 targets, I thought Danny Amendola's return would be a good thing for the rookie WR; Amendola's presence, whether he was healthy or not, would open things up for Givens after the Bills proved he could be stopped if he was gameplanned-against like a No. 1 wide receiver. Instead, he caught one pass for 22 yards on four targets, and Amendola (12 targets) and Brandon Gibson took up most of the air in Sam Bradford's 55-pass performance.

My bad.

Givens suffered an ankle injury mid-game, and Sam Bradford had at least a little to do with the plays he didn't make, but the result, however it was achieved, was that he was just the seventh-most-targeted receiver in the Rams' offense, behind Amendola, GIbson, Austin Pettis, Lance Kendricks, Steven Jackson, and Daryl Richardson.

We learned Danny Amendola was healthy on Sunday, but we also learned that the Rams' offense is still developing--and anything can change from week to week.