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Fox Sports And DISH Network Have A Fight, Put You In The Middle Of It

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It's classic bad manners among friends, but Fox Sports and DISH Network are pulling the cruelest of all jilted-lover cards anyway—they're forcing DISH subscribers right into the middle of the big break-up. All 19 regional Fox Sports Net stations, not to mention FX and the National Geographic channel, were taken offline for DISH subscribers as of last night, leaving fans in St. Louis without the crucial third-to-last game of the baseball season. (Update: I've been told by a Fox Sports Midwest spokesman that the Rockies' station, Fox Sports Rocky Mountain, was not a part of the shut-down.)


Each side is whining to us about the other, as in any really acrimonious split—Fox claims DISH doesn't pay a high-enough fee to put its channels on premium tiers, and also never did the dishes, even when they were just sitting there and it was so disgusting, while DISH insists that the fees are high enough already, thanks, and also that Fox had stopped responding to its physical needs, like, not just sex, but physical needs, you know, man? 


Really, though—considering FSN's awful non-game content (I hope you like the Best Damned Sports Show Period, and clip shows!) and DISH's second-banana satellite status I think these two need each other, especially if it will make them shut up. I mean, they aren't getting any younger.