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St. Louis Blues: Opening Night Looms

The Blues open their 2010-2011 season tomorrow night at Scottrade Center—soon to be home to a new Brett Hull statue—and at St. Louis Game Time they're officially rounded into midseason form.


Currently going on: A "totally-biased" season preview, in which it is maintained that "Cam Janssen may not kick your ass, [but] he will leave you winded enough to make you skip several shifts after a fight with him"; a season-long campaign to get Jay McClement into the conversation for the Selke Trophy; and, most ambitiously, an attempt to form a Social Media Army for that very purpose. ("When you join up for the SMA, you agree to become a faceless agent of mayhem as well as a fully recognized Game Time soldier.")


It's hockey. It's serious. I'm told the Canadian armed forces actually began as a campaign to talk the Winnipeg Falcons up via telegraph as the class of the Olympics.