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NHL Standings: St. Louis Blues Win Two Straight, Still Third In Central Division

The St. Louis Blues, as Brad Lee puts it, are a team that has done nothing if not discourage even-handedness all season, even as the Game Time editors do their best to maintain it during their mercurial moves around the standings. They got off to the best start in Blues history, with Jaroslav Halak looking completely bullet-proof, and made their otherwise stand-pat offseason look like a brilliant move; then they got scorched a few times in a row and Halak own-goaled himself and, generally, looked like the kind of player who own-goals himself. 


Now the Blues have won two straight at home—and pretty convincingly—ahead of Wednesday's game in Nashville, who, at 9-7-3, were the second link in the Blues' five-game losing streak two weeks ago. But the Columbus Blue Jackets' 2-0 shutout win over those same Predators leaves them temporarily third in the Central Division, completing the work that losing streak started.


Maybe now we've finally reached equilibrium. Or maybe the Blues are about to rattle off 10 in a row, and then lose their next seven. I don't even want to guess. Regardless, the Blues find themselves in the fifth seed in the Western Conference, which, given the tumble they've taken in the latter part of November, isn't a bad place to be.