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St. Louis Blues Improve To 9-1-2, Hockey Gods Must Be Mollified

There's no such thing as completely unfettered joy in sports fandom—even at their best things seem seconds away from disaster. So I can't blame Game Time for being a little cautious in its praise even as the St. Louis Blues continue on their best start in franchise history. 

It's been an odd start for the Blues, and not just because they've been so good. Right now they're 23rd in the NHL in goals scored per game, and first—by as big a gap as exists between second and third—in goals against. It's a nerve-racking way to win, but also one that's validated, a sixth of the way through the NHL season, the decision to go after Jaroslav Halak as their big offseason acquisition. 


The Blues' offense, currently a little off its 2009-10 pace, will have to improve for them to keep up this pace, as the defense inevitably gets less stingy with the goals. But there's something strangely impressive about seeing them get off to such a hot start while continuing to struggle with last season's greatest weakness. It's a very stubborn way to go 9-1-2.