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NHL Schedule: St. Louis Blues Have Three Home Games Christmas Week

The St. Louis Blues will have three home games Christmas week, one of their best chances yet to get back into serious playoff contention after a stifling December. But to sweep the week they'll need to put together a win against three first place teams—the Detroit Red Wings and the Vancouver Canucks at Scottrade Center, not to mention putting away the first-place Atlanta Thrashers on the road. It's a tall order for the Blues, who took a 4-1 loss on Saturday against the San Jose Sharks. The Nashville Predators, second in the Blues' Central division, are what pass for a respite in this tough section of the home schedule.


The Blues' struggles since their sterling first month have been well-covered. Since ending their most recent five game skid—their second of the season—the Blues are 3-3. They've scored 10 fewer goals than the average team through this point of the season, which makes the offensive concerns some fans had in the offseason seem pretty justified.