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NHL Standings: St. Louis Blues' Streak Streak Continues

This isn't the way I would have liked it to end for the St. Louis Blues, but last Thursday's victory over the Los Angeles Kings — that is, combined with last Saturday's loss to the San Jose Sharks — was their first and only game all year that was not part of a winning or losing streak. It's true: Every other win or loss is part of a streak of at least two games, peaking with their seven-game winning streak from Oct. 22 to Nov. 7 and troughing (if it isn't a word it shouldn't be) with two five-game losers — Nov. 10 to Nov. 17 and Nov. 26 to Dec. 4, separated by a remarkably pleasant three-game winning streak over the Senators, Devils and Predators. The Blues' yo-yoing position within the NHL Standings — currently they're fourth in the Central Division, saved from another stint in last place only by the Columbus Blue Jackets having lost 10 of their last 12.


With Monday's loss to the Vancouver Canucks the Blues are on a brand new two-gamer, their fifth losing streak of the season. To stop it and, naturally, start another winning streak, they'll have to beat, say, the Atlanta Thrashers and the self-styled St. Louis thrashers, the Detroit Red Wings, tonight and Thursday. To be honest, I'd settle for another one game winning point.