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Matthew Hulsizer Could Be Set To Sign Purchase Agreement For Blues Today

After some discounting of aforementioned verbal agreements by various and sundry parties, it seems like there was something to the story after all. Matthew Hulsizer, late of the Phoenix Coyotes fiasco, apparently could sign a deal to purchase the St. Louis Blues some time today.

Dave Checketts has been under some pressure to sell the team fairly quickly, what with a $120 million Citigroup loan hanging over his head that has come due. This will not be an outright purchase of the Blues, but rather Hulsizer will fork up the cash to become majority owner, thereby covering at least that loan.

The Board of Governors already approved Hulsizer for the Coyotes sale before the City of Glendale and the Goldwater Group got into their spat over funding, so chances are good he’d be approved at the next BOG meeting in December to become the majority owner of the Blues.