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St. Louis Blues At Los Angeles Kings: Kings Blow Out Blues In Home Opener

This has to stop. I won’t lie – I didn’t stay up the entire night to watch this game. I live on the East Coast and I didn’t feel like staying up till 1:30 to watch the Blues continue a poor effort after the start of the second period. They played fine the first period, with the first goal was from Simon Gagne, and was actually one that Jaroslav Halak could not have stopped. the other three that he allowed before being pulled five minutes into the third period? I don’t know. I didn’t feel like sleep depriving myself the night before I have to stay up to watch the World Series.

I will admit that I woke up to Chris Kerber saying “and out comes Halak after another goal that he should have stopped” or something to that effect, so I’m sure that the team’ll be taking a close look at his technique and what in the world is making it so tough for him to stop a puck.

Since we’re only six games in (and Halak has four of them), there’s not a huge reason to panic – but there’s reason for evaluation. I’ll take a look at Halak’s goals against sometime today, and Friday – after the World Series fun takes a break and the Blues have a home game against the Canes – I’ll do some analysis.

For now, all I have to say is thank God I don’t have Halak on any of my fantasy teams.