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Carolina Hurricanes At St. Louis Blues: Canes Lead 1-0 After One

Consistency would be a word that I would like to apply to the Blues. Not “like to apply” as in they are consistent, but “like to apply” in that they need to be so, especially within the course of one period. There’s usually an ebb and flow of effort within one period of a game, but not necessarily because one team lets up and then pushes, lets up and pushes. That’s what the Blues’re doing. T.J. Oshie, Chris Stewart, and Alexander Steen have gotten some outstanding looks (especially Steen’s wide open empty netter that was stick blocked by Joni Pitkanen perfectly), but the effort, the push just hasn’t been there all period.

Jay Harrison has scored the only goal so far on a slap shot past a screened Brian Elliott. Elliott has been decent with puck tracking, especially up close, but it’s still not as crisp and effortless as it needs to be. The Blues’ scoring, though, would be helpful to Elliott. The Blues’ have scored at an anemic rate, with Alex Steen’s goal in the 3rd period of the Ducks game the last goal.