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Carolina Hurricanes At St. Louis Blues: Blues Fight Back, Win 3-2 In Overtime

Normally last season the Blues would allow themselves to blow a lead and would just give up the ghost. If they were already trailing in a game, a racheting up of the effort would happen only occasionally.

Tonight was not one of those nights. If this is the beginning of how the Blues can play when they’re behind the 8-ball, then they need to be behind it more often: it’s magic. They maintained control through the third period, limiting the Carolina Hurricanes to just 9 shots on goaltender Brian Elliott before the horn blew to signal the end of regulation.

Fans could be forgiven for thinking it was good fortune that the Blues got the point for OT and leaving it at that, especially after an ill-advised hooking penalty taken sixteen seconds into the overtime period. Thankfully the Blues’ penalty kill stepped up, but more importantly so did Brian Elliott. Elliott made several highlight reel saves in overtime on shots that by all accounts should have gone in.

The Blues won on a tip-in courtesy of Matt D’Agostini on Cam Ward, who was too busy defending against Vladimir Sobotka that he didn’t notice D’Agostini to his left. D’Ags had a shot at a gaping goal, and unlike Steen’s shot in the first, nothing got in his way.

The Blues are next in action tomorrow evening at 6:00 against the Philadelphia Flyers. This game marks the start of yet another long road trip for St. Louis. They won’t be back in Scottrade until November 4th.