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NHL Power Rankings 2011: St. Louis Blues Are Pretty Average

There have been ups and downs for the St. Louis Blues this year, but in the end they've been a pretty average team and the power rankings agree.

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Through the season's first nine games, the St. Louis Blues have posted a pretty average 5-4 win-loss record. They've won three consecutive games, but that was after a less-than-ideal beginning to the year. So it makes sense that the Blues come in 19th among the league's 30 teams in this week's aggregated NHL power rankings, provided by Real Clear Sports.

Real Clear Sports takes the power rankings from eight major media sources, ranging from ESPN to CBC, and slaps them all together to come up with a single ranking. It's pretty cool stuff.

Generally speaking, that 19th-place ranking does a pretty good job of summarizing all of the rankings. The Blues were rated as high as No. 13 by ESPN and as low as No. 26 by TSN. You could say that it's just Canadian bias, but the folks over at CBC ranked the Blues at No. 14 on their list, so clearly this is just a pretty polarizing team at this point.

The Blues are off on Thursday, but they're going on the road to play the Calgary Flames at 8:00 p.m. CT on Friday.

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