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Blues Possibly To Be Sold To Matthew Hulsizer Per Verbal Agreement

The first game of the season deadline that Dave Checketts and the Blues set for the sale of the team a few months back seems to be do-able, if reports of a verbal agreement between him and Matthew Hulsizer are correct. According to Jeremy Rutherford, Checketts will be selling a majority stake of the team to the man who was formerly connected to the purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes.

It is of note that this deal is not legally binding and it won’t be until both sides complete a formal sale and the deal is approved by the NHL Board of Governors. The Board already approved one sale this year unanimously: that of the Atlanta Thrashers to True North Sports and Entertainment. If you’ve missed it somehow, the Thrashers are now the new Winnipeg Jets. Rest assured, however, that the Blues will not be moving to Saskatoon any time soon.

This situation could be a continuation of the familiar for Blues fans, as Hulsizer could be just purchasing a majority share in the tam, with Checketts to remain on-board. Considering the fact that Hulsizer has never expressed interest in purchasing an NHL team at full market value, that senario would not be unthinkable.