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VIDEO: Chris Stewart Hit On Niklas Kronwall

Upon re-watching the hit from Chris Stewart on Niklas Kronwall not within the context of the game, it amazingly looks worse:

Chances are extremely good that Stewart will get a call today from Brendan Shanahan regarding a meeting and some "time off." It’s hard to argue that Stewart shouldn’t get suspended for this hit. It’s a hit from behind, at an unsafe distance from the boards, and if Kronwall didn’t hit with his shoulder, things could have been significantly worse. Stewart might be a "hard -nosed guy who has to play with that edge out there," as David Backes put it, but you can be that way without making a bad decision like this hit.


EDIT: According to SportsNet's Nick Kypreos, Stewart should have a hearing today at 11:00 Eastern Time with Brendan Shanahan. We should know shortly after that how long he is gone for.