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St. Louis Blues At Minnesota Wild Second Period Score: Wild Score To Knot Game 1-1

Another defensively tight period, with the Blues getting ten shots on goal (but just one on two powerplays) and the Wild getting eight. Minnesota converted a Patrik Berglund miscue behind his own net on a clearing attempt to tie the game at one each. Berglund was looking to dump the puck into the corner, but missed Mikko Koivu impeding the puck’s path. Koivu skated around to the front of the net and wristed it above Halak’s shoulder.

The Blues would have scored a go-ahead goal had Ryan Reaves used a stick instead of his hand. He reflexively threw the puck into the net and laughed it off while the refs emphatically signaled no goal.

There’s one period left. If the Blues score the next goal, they dictate the flow of the game. If the Wild score, well, I’ll be going to bed early because it’s going to be a snoozefest for the rest of the evening.