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St. Louis Blues At Washington Capitals Final Score: Blues Spoil Dale Hunter's Debut 2-1

The Blues might not be a high scoring team, and the power play is apparently on the fritz again, but as long as they keep playing like this – with a tremendous will to win – they’re going to steamroll the competition. Ken Hitchcock’s team spoiled Dale Hunter’s debut, adding a eighth win to Hitch’s total and another two points to the Blues’ coiffers.

The Blues were aggressive and completely un-intimidated. Heck, Scott Nichol even got into it, as ill-advised as this was:

You have to love a guy like that’s heart.

The Blues are now second in the league in five on five scoring, so the lack of power play goals aren’t hindering the scoring, as frustrating as that would be. Part of the reason the scoring’s staying up, of course, is that the shot total is staying up. The Blues outshot the Capitals 30-19 on the evening.

Jaroslav Halak won his fourth of the season, allowing just one goal. This is his second one goal game since Hitchcock’s taken over. Add that to a shutout and a solid shootout loss, and the 3-2 loss to the Kings on the 15th looks like a fluke. The Blues have two extremely on goaltenders right now. With everything firing on all cylinders, there’s no reason why this season shouldn’t continue to be solid.

With tonight’s win, the Blues are in 4th in the Western Conference, and if the Blackhawks lose to the Phoenix Coyotes tonight then the Blues’ game Friday night against the Colorado Avalanche could very well be for the top spot in the Conference.