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Vancouver Canucks At St. Louis Blues: Game Tied 1-1 After First Period

Much like the Rams on Sunday, some of the Cardinals’ World Series magic might be rubbing off on the Blues. After an uninspired game on Sunday against the Oilers, the Blues have a lot more fight and more drive in this game, it seems. They’re able to break out of the zone effectively (even demonstrating their offensive prowess with a 4-on-2 breakout), and defensively they look better. Halak, who was the expected netminder for the evening, is on the bench in favor of Brian Elliott, so that might have something to do with the increased defensive abilities.

One goof defensively is all that it took though to get the Canucks on the board – and it wasn’t even the Canucks’ fault that they scored. Kevin Shattenkirk tried to no-look pass clear the zone, but promptly turned the puck over. Elliott blocked the shot, but Chris Steward batted the puck out of the air and into his own net. Reassurringly, the Blues didn’t fold – they picked themselves off, had a good grinder shift led by Ryan Reaves, and a cross-crease pass by Evgeny Grachev (intentional or not) to T.J. Oshie helped Osh score his second of the year on a backhand.

Here’s hoping that World Series trophy’s sitting in the locker room between periods for the guys to rub for good luck. It’s working so far.