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Vancouver Canucks At St. Louis Blues: Blues Up 2-1 After Two Periods On Second Oshie Goal

T.J. Oshie did not waste any time making sure that the Blues were carrying the momentum entering the second period. Just 1:28 into the first period, Oshie wristed the puck past a sprawling Roberto Luongo to put the Blues up. Great offensive pressure was put on the Canucks the entire period, but even more notable were Brian Elliott’s eleven saves that period, including one that nearly went in off of Carlo Colaiacovo’s skate.

The Blues’ power play is 0-for-2 so far tonight, but the power play in this period looked far preferable to many that fans have seen in the past. The puck control and the pressure were there; however, the shooting was not. The closest the puck came to going in was a booming shot of Matt D’Agostini’s from the point that Roberto Luongo somehow caught. If the Blues’d stop overthinking and react on reflex like D’Agostini did, more pucks might be going in on the PP.