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Blues' Forward David Perron's Concussion Comeback

Sidney Crosby's concussion might've gotten all of the attention in the NHL, but Blues fans are much more concerned with their own extremely valuable missing piece.

David Perron's concussion has gone on significantly longer than Sidney Crosby's, and yet it seems to be heck-bound and determined to fly under the NHL's radar. He was cleared for contact on November 18th, which is more than a year after San Jose Sharks forward Joe Thornton placed a hit on Perron that unintentionally concussed him.

The Blues've needed their creative winger on the power play, especially this season. The Blues' PP is still at the bottom of the league at a paltry 8.8%, and is sorely missing Perron and fellow concussion victim Andy McDonald. McDonald's condition's unknown, since doctors haven't really been forthcoming in discussing it. The only thing that's unknown about Perron is when he's coming back.

Perron's return depends on one person, and one person only right now: David Perron. He's been cleared, and it's up to him to come back, as Jeremy Rutherford pointed out in Wednesday's St. Louis Post Dispatch. He's been traveling with the team, and will make it to Colorado with them for Friday night's game against the Avalanche. Will he debut then? Probably not, since the following night is a game against the Chicago Blackhawks at the Scottrade Center. The Blues shut out the Hawks 3-0 in their only meeting so far this year. The Blackhawks are natural rivals for the Blues, the atmosphere there is always charged when they come in to town, and to add Perron's return to that mix and the Blues have a definite home-ice advantage. Not that they didn't before, considering they've only lost two regulation games at home, but against the Chicago Blackhawks, you need all the help you can get.

Perron has made it known via his Twitter account (@DP_57) that he's missed being on the ice during game-time. But concussions are tricky things. Come back too soon, even if you do feel well, and you won't be coming back again. The Penguins got a lot of flack for not being straightforward when Crosby was returning until the night before, but that's just the nature of the beast. The Blues and their fans have been patient, but that doesn't mean that they want Perron back later rather than sooner. Everyone knows that rushing it's not recommended, and fans and team alike believe that it would be nice to have him back for a very long time.