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Dallas Stars At St. Louis Blues: Blues Lead 1-0 On Chris Stewart Power Play Goal

Two things that don’t tend to happen nearly as often as they should converged tonight: the Blues converted on the power play, and Chris Stewart scored a goal. Stewart, who many expected to break at least 30 goals this season, has had an absurdly slow start. This goal was only his sixth of the season, but considering the angle that he shot it at, I think it’s pretty good evidence of the fact that he might’ve shaken off the funk:

The Blues’ve outshot the Stars nine to five (what a way to make a livin’), but that really doesn’t show the fact that the Blues’ve dominated puck possession throughout the first period. Everyone seems to be back on the same page after a few shaky games in Colorado and Phoenix where they didn’t look as dominant as usual. They seem to be back to their usual defensively tight ways.