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Dallas Stars At St. Louis Blues: Blues Up 3-1 After Cracknell, Arnott Release Goals

It always seems that when Adam Cracknell gets called up, he does something of note. A large hit, a solid play – it becomes clear why he’s the Rivermen’s captain. Tonight Cracknell released a monster of a tie breaking goal to put the Blues up 2-1. Granted, Richard Bachman should’ve stopped this shot, much as Jaroslav Halak should have stopped Mike Ribero’s goal. Shoulda, coulda, woulda – excuses don’t matter, especially when they’re coming from the goaltender you just scored on:

The Blues kept up the shot domination in the second, with 16 more shots on goal. One of those last minute shots came on the power play, with Phillip Larsen off for high-sticking Alex Steen. Jason Arnott blasted it past Bachman with one teeny second left:

The Blues go into the 3rd period absolutely in control of the game. It’s up to them if they can maintain the lead.